Louisville Ladder 250-Pound Duty Rating Fiberglass Step Ladder, 6-Feet FS2006

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Louisville Ladder FS2000 250-Pound Duty Rating Fiberglass Step Ladder

Louisville Ladder FS2000 250-Pound Duty Rating Fiberglass Step Ladder

Louisville Ladder FS2000 250-Pound Duty Rating Fiberglass Step Ladder

Product Description

6′, fiberglass, type i step ladder, 250 LB duty rating, molded top with tool slots, slip resistant feet, pinch resistant spreader braces, reinforced bottom brace, meets osha, CSA, & ANSI standards, non-conductive fiberglass, double-rivet step construction.


  • The product is 6 foot fiberglass type I step ladder
  • Molded top with tool slots. Maximum Standing Height- 45 inch. Max Reach- 124 inch. Weight- 17 pounds
  • 250-pound load capacity includes weight of user and tools
  • Aluminum angle feet with thick rubber tread on all four legs to provide sure-footing
  • Pro Top design improves performance when working electrical, construction, and residential jobs
  • Includes magnet tray, hardware tray, curved front, drill and tool slots, paint bucket holder, and pipe or 2 by 4 holder
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA safety standards

Productivity enhancing Pro top

Finish the Job faster

  • Paint can holder
  • Tool slots
  • Pipe holder
  • Magnet to keep fastener in place
  • Curved front for comfort

Louisville Ladder FS2000 250-Pound Duty Rating Fiberglass Step Ladder

Choose the one that your job requires! Our Louisville 6 feet Fiberglass Step Ladders are available in Type II, Type I, and Type IA ratings, for weight capacities of 225, 250, and 300 pounds, respectively. Each has a high-tech fiberglass frame, non-slip steps and feet, and the incredible ProTop, with a built-in hardware tray, a paint can holder, handyman’s tool slots, a pipe holder, and a magnetic curved from to secure small steel parts. The 300 pounds. model also features Da Boot no-slip footing and the steadying SHOX system. About Louisville Ladder Since 1946, Louisville Ladder has been innovating in the field of climbing products and building a rock-solid reputation. As the first company to create aluminum step and extension ladders and the first to create a fiberglass ladder, they’re well aware of the ground they stand on. Look to Louisville for rock-solid basic products and incredible new inventions designed to let both the homeowner and professional worker reach new heights. 6 feet fiberglass step ladders. ProTop non-conductive molded top with extras. Hardware tray, can holder, tools slots, and much more. Non-slip feet and comfortable 3 inch steps. Choose light, medium, or heavy-duty rating.

SHOX for durability and safety

External spreader bars

Handy tool holder Pro Top

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